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New Roadside Statue
New Roadside Statue
The Roadside Statue had to be dismantled to make room for the twinning of the highway. The new construction has roadway access and a parking area. This will allow anyone who wishes to stop to honour our Mother Mary with prayer will be able to do so safely.
A new 5 foot statue of
Our Lady of Lourdes
Lady of Lourdes Statue

The statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary was installed in the three sided building on January the 8th. There are still a few things to finish but the project has come along very well. Thank you to all the people who helped by donations and work.

Roadside Statue
Let Mary guide you to her sanctuary. Along No.11 Highway,
Northeast of
Duck Lake,

"Stop and consider God's wonders"

The Shrine located at the river, east of the roadside statue, is open each summer from the long week end in May to September the 8th.
Sunday Services
July and August at 4:00 P.M.
Annual Pilgrimages
July 15th & 16th, August 15th and September 8th
Camping Area

St. Laurent Shrine-
During summer season only
Phone (306)467-4447

Joyce Fidler, President
1125, Macklem Drive,
Saskatoon, SK.
S7L 4R7
Phone (306) 384 8629
To email Joyce

Linda Nosbush, Secretary,
3123, Grey Owl Crescent,
Prince Albert, SK.
S6V 6X2
Phone (306)763 3014
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Mary Vermette, Treasurer
1433, Goshen Place,
Prince Albert.
S6V 0R7
Phone (306)960 6711
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