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The Old Log Church 1938-1990

The Log Church constructed in 1938, destroyed by fire in August 1990

In the early 1800s the missionaries regularly camped on this site, when traveling to Fort Carlton. On May the 24th, 1842, Fr. J.B. Thibeault celebrated mass on what a half a century later would be the site of St. Laurent. Fr. Andre purchased the land in 1872, and planted a cross on it. A symbol that Mary would use to relay her messages to many pilgrims and visionaries, who through the years would frequent the site, and attend the annual pilgrimages at Our Lady of Lourdes, St. Laurent Shrine.

Those who played a leading roll in the survival of our Precious Prayer Corner were Fr. J.B. Thibeault, Fr. Andre, Fr. Campagna, Fr. Vital Fourmond, Bishop Vital Grandin, Fr. Bourginie, The Sisters of the Faithful Companions of Jesus, Miss Odile Peletier, Brother Piquet, Charles Nolin, Fr. Charlebois, Fr. Delmas, Brother Guillet, Fr. Former and the thousands of faithful pilgrims who have attended annual pilgrimages since 1905.

St. Laurent Shrine-
During summer months only.

Joyce Fidler, Presedent
1125, Macklem Drive,
Saskatoon, SK.
S7L 4R7
Phone (306) 384 8629
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Linda Nosbush, Secretary
3123, Grey Owl Crescent, Prince Albert, SK.
S6V 6X2
Phone (306)763 3014
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Mary Vermette, Treasurer
1433, Goshen place
Prince Albert, SK.
S6V 0R7
Phone (306)960 6711
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New Log Church constructed 
in 1994-95

The New Log Church
constructed in 1994-95

Beginning in the late sixties and the departure of the Oblate Fathers, the Shrine went through a period that could be termed as recession. The care of the grounds and buildings showed signs of deterioration and neglect. The attendance at the Pilgrimages diminished and so did the revenues. The shrine was turned over to the diocese, and the land was sold to another party, with an agreement that the St.Laurent Shrine would retain possession of the site.

Fr. Gilles Doucette
In 1973 Father Gilles Doucette became parish priest at Duck Lake and took over the directorship of the Shrine. With the help of many faithful and volunteers, the grounds and cemetery were cleaned and groomed. The Stations of the Rosary were erected. The Information centre, the guadeloupe centre and food booths were located on the site, along with a new candle booth. The Little Log Church was restored. The entrance gate and the millennium gate were built. The Old Rectory was restored and modernized. On August the 25th 1990 the Log Church was destroyed by fire. This did not dampen the enthusiasm of the faithful, and the church was quickly resurrected. The new church was built in 1994-95 along with new camping facilities. New plans have been formulated for future improvements to the grotto, and other facilities. With Mary to guide us and the devotion of our faithful pilgrims, we are sure that our precious prayer corner will survive and be with us for many years to come.

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