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We Need Your Support

By joining the many pilgrims, who generously give of their time and effort, you can play a role in ensuring the success of Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine.

The Shrine is a nonprofit organization which you can financially support and receive a tax receipt. Your support will ensure that the Shrine continues to remain a sacred place where pilgrims gather to pray to Mary, receiving many Blessings.

Your donations can be made at the:
Information Center on the Shrine Site
or sent to:
St. Laurent Shrine
1433, Goshen Place Prince Albert, Sk.
S6V 0R7
Att. Mary Vermette, Treasurer.

For over a century Mary has had a special place at the St. Laurent Shrine because of the devotion of many faithful pilgrims. Please help to ensure that this continues through your generous support. In return Mary will always send you her Blessings.

Thanking you in advance. May God Bless you.

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