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Statue donated by Mr. Nolin
The First Miracle

Statue donated by Charles Nolin, a promise made when praying for his wife's healing in 1885. This was the first recorded Miracle Healing at St. Laurent.

St. Laurent Shrine
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Joyce Fidler, Presedent
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The Shadow of the Cross

In the year 1890, during the octave of the feast of the Corpus Christi in June, an extraordinary event took place in the attic of the ancient convent. On the partition to the right of the staircase, the shadow of a large cross was perceived. It showed a clear outline of Our Crucified Lord. It seemed to be projected there by the light which shone in through the open window. Miss Odile Pelletier, the teacher witnessed this phenomenon with her little boarders. She looked around for a plausible explanation. Not finding any, she sent word to Fr. Fourmond. The good father was moved by what he saw. He told them to kneel down, saying, "It is mysterious. Let us pray together." And he prayed some time with them. The same thing happened for several consecutive days.

The missionary wandered what the meaning of this message could be.

The Cross That Didn't Burn

On August the 25th, 1990, a fire from an unknown source destroyed the newly renovated Little Log Church at St. Laurent. The Cross from the steeple fell outside the Church and mysteriously survived the fire. Being charred only when a burning wall fell on it. The Cross is now on display in the New Log Church, The Cross, the symbol of St. Laurent is an indication that our prayers at St. Laurent will give us the strength to overcome the many trials in life, and carry our crosses with faith and perseverance.

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